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Electrification and train-trams in ambitious Wales franchise

Railway Gazette International - Tue, 2018/06/05 - 23:00
UK: Investment of £1·8bn in three new train fleets, electrification of commuter routes radiating from Cardiff and station modernisation across the 1 623 lroute-km Wales & Borders...
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Assembly of first Siemens Mireo EMU underway

Railway Gazette International - Tue, 2018/06/05 - 08:53
GERMANY: Siemens has begun final assembly of the first of its first Miro electric multiple-units. The Mireo concept for a lighter, quieter and more energy-efficient successor to the Desiro...
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Amtrak seeks to replace or rebuild long-distance locos

Railway Gazette International - Tue, 2018/06/05 - 07:36
USA: Amtrak has issued a request for proposals for either the supply of 50 to 75 ‘next generation’ diesel-electric locomotives or the rebuilding of existing General Electric P42 locomotives with AC...
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ETCS onboard contracts signed

Railway Gazette International - Tue, 2018/06/05 - 02:21
NORWAY: Infrastructure manager Bane NOR has finalised the contracts for Alstom to supply, install and maintain ETCS onboard equipment for use across the national rail network. Alstom had been...
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Bimodes in Norway’s next Flirt order

Railway Gazette International - Mon, 2018/06/04 - 23:00
NORWAY: Funding for the purchase of a further 25 Stadler Flirt multiple-units to accommodate growing ridership was confirmed by Minister of Transport & Communications Ketil Solvik-Olsen on May...
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National plan backs 320 km/h target

Railway Gazette International - Mon, 2018/06/04 - 09:07
SWEDEN: The government intends to develop future high speed lines for a top speed of 320 km/h, Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth and Environment Minister Isabella Lövin confirmed on June 4....
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Hyundai Rotem to supply 52 EMUs to Taiwan

Railway Gazette International - Mon, 2018/06/04 - 08:13
TAIWAN: Taiwan Railways Administration has selected Hyundai Rotem to supply 52 10-car electric multiple units for suburban services on the 1 067 mm gauge national network, the manufacturer...
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Stern & Hafferl expands its diesel fleet

Railway Gazette International - Mon, 2018/06/04 - 07:41
AUSTRIA: Regional operator Stern & Hafferl Verkehr, which runs rail, bus and boat services in Oberösterreich, has put into service a 2·4 MW Vectron diesel locomotive following a naming ceremony...
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Bourgogne-Franche-Comté agrees operating contract with SNCF

Railway Gazette International - Mon, 2018/06/04 - 07:39
FRANCE: A target of 22% growth in TER ridership has been set by the région of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté as part of an operating agreement with SNCF Mobilités running until 2026. The contract with...
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Too much, too quickly

Railway Gazette International - Mon, 2018/06/04 - 03:30
Implementation of a national timetable recast has led to major disruption to some of Britain’s largest passenger operators, with routes in northern England especially acutely affected.  UK:...
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Pesa share purchase agreed

Railway Gazette International - Mon, 2018/06/04 - 02:27
POLAND: An agreement for Polish state-backed investment fund PFR to take over rolling stock manufacturer Pesa was finalised on May 25. The terms of the takeover have been agreed, and financial close...
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Agreement in principle to revive Hudson Bay Railway

Railway Gazette International - Mon, 2018/06/04 - 01:00
CANADA: Agreement in principle has been reached for the transfer of ownership of the Hudson Bay Railway and the reinstatement services to Churchill in northern Manitoba by winter 2018, the...
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World rail freight news round-up

Railway Gazette International - Sun, 2018/06/03 - 23:00
Sinara Transport Machines’ Lyudinovo diesel locomotive plant has begun delivering TGM8KM diesel locomotives to the José Martí steel plant in Cuba. The steelworks currently uses TGM4 locos supplied...
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Rail freight information portal to be expanded

Railway Gazette International - Sat, 2018/06/02 - 23:00
EUROPE: After a successful pilot phase, the European Commission has backed the further development of, a web portal designed to provide shippers and operators with easy access...
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Three bids for Ferrocarril Central project

Railway Gazette International - Fri, 2018/06/01 - 23:00
URUGUAY: The Ministry of Transport & Public Works has received three bids for the Ferrocarril Central contract. The public-private partnership deal would cover the upgrading and subsequent...
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Newag signs inter-city locomotive contract

Railway Gazette International - Fri, 2018/06/01 - 07:44
POLAND: PKP Intercity signed a contract with Newag on May 29 for the supply and maintenance of 20 Griffin electric locomotives. PKP IC selected Newag as preferred bidder in January. Deliveries of...
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LNG shunting locomotives ordered

Railway Gazette International - Fri, 2018/06/01 - 06:45
RUSSIA: A agreement for Sinara Transport Machines to supply and maintain 24 liquefied natural gas-fuelled shunting locomotives was signed by the Gazpromtrans transport subsidiary of gas extraction...
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Volkswagen components switch to rail

Railway Gazette International - Fri, 2018/06/01 - 06:39
GERMANY:  The SmartRail Logistics joint venture of LIT Speditions and Captrain Deutschland began delivering automotive components to Volkswagen’s factory at Emden in Niedersachsen on June...
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Amber Train agreement signed

Railway Gazette International - Fri, 2018/06/01 - 06:31
EUROPE: An agreement for the regular operation of the Amber Train branded container service linking the Baltic States was signed by Lithuanian Railways, Latvia’s LDZ Logistika and Estonia’s EVR Cargo...
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Railway supply industry news round-up

Railway Gazette International - Thu, 2018/05/31 - 23:00
European ticket retailer Loco2 and insurer TicketPlan now offer a cancellation protection service which enables customers to apply for reimbursement of non-refundable multi-leg journeys in the event...
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