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Marklin/TRIX HO Special Edition BR08 Heavy Steamer Announced!

Fri, 2018/09/28 - 02:25

Marklin and Trix have made an suprise announcement of an amazing new DB BR08 heavy steam locomovitve with all the 'bells and whistles' - MFX+, Sound, Smoke, Fine Details & more!

The locomotive now designated as road number 08 1001 went first to the maintenance facility at Berlin East Station after being completed in July of 1952. Here it was scheduled to pull the D 13/14 pair of express trains to/from Stralsund with the start of the winter sche- dule on October 5, 1952. The records of locomotive supervisor Specht at the maintenance facility at Berlin East Station reveal the following: On October 8, the unit came early from Leipzig and hauled the D 13 to Stralsund without maintenance. Despite "bad" powdered coal, the steam generation was good. Like the run out, the run back also occurred without problem. Another run on October 10 also gave no cause to complain and locomotive super- visor Specht noted: "Best steam generation. Bunkers 2+3 were still about 80 cm / 31 inches full on arrival in Stralsund." After transfer to the FVA in Halle in February of 1953, intensive test and measurement runs were done that resulted in many new findings.

See the PDF product brochures - Marklin - Trix - or click the links below for details. Pricing coming shortly!

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156 New Product Arrivals for Thursday, September 27, 2018

Thu, 2018/09/27 - 16:55

156 products from Fleischmann and Roco were added to our Latest Arrivals page today.

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Marklin HO MHI Meet DR/GDR Class 01.5 Steam Express Locomotive - Very limited!

Tue, 2018/09/25 - 12:57

On Friday September 21, 2018 the 14th annual MHI member meeting took place in Uhingen (near Göppingen). On the occasion of this meeting the MHI ordered a special model in a limited series at Märklin - a stunning DR BR01.5 Steam locomotive in a unique steel blue and black livery with full MFX+ sound. See the link below for all the details.

We are able to bring in only a couple of these locomotives so please act quickly before they sell-out! 

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Roco Fleischmann Fall/Winter 2018 New Items posted

Tue, 2018/09/25 - 12:28

Roco and Fleischmann have announced a large selection of Fall 2018 New Items. Roco HO scale highlights include new versions of the sharp looking OBB Railjet trains with new control coach designs as well as an all-new BR333 diesel switcher. HOe narrow gauge fans even get some new DR passenger and freight wagons.

Fleischmann N scale highlights include a technically updated model of the Swiss Re6/6 in SBB Cargo livery (with a sound version) as well as some classic DB TEE Train sets and an era 6 version of the ICE 1. Swiss fans get a new Zurich S-Bahn set with an Re450 loco and a driving coach with a built-in function decoder. OBB fans will be happy to see some Austrian era 4,5 express coaches back in the N scale program. There are also two new versions of the very popular Era II wine barrel cars. The Fleischmann HO program is limited to 4 new freight car models this time as they transition to eventually becoming N scale only.

Prices will be posted shortly!

Click here for the Roco Fall 2018 New Items

Click here for the Fleischmann Fall 2018 New Items

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Now Hiring! Shipper/Receiver in our Summerland BC store.

Tue, 2018/09/25 - 04:09

We are currently looking for a dedicated full-time shipping & receiving clerk for our Summerland, BC retail store. Please see our Craigslist posting for details. Please email resumes to

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Faller Car System Digital 3.0 is here!

Tue, 2018/09/25 - 03:06

We are excited to announce that we are Faller's exclusive partner for the North American launch of the Faller Car System Digital 3.0. The digital version of Faller's famous Car System takes the experience to the next level with full digital control of car/truck lighting, speeds, acceleration and much more.

Up to now the new digitl system has not met regulatory requirements and was only available in North American unoffically or as 'grey market' products. However we now have North American exclusive stock numbers for the system that meet all US FCC and other regulations. At this year's German Toy Fair our staff took Faller's official Car System Digital 3.0 training course so we are able to answer any questions you might have about this great system. See all the new North American stock numbers listed below and visit the Faller Car System Digital 3.0 Website for more information and full documentation.

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520 New Product Arrivals for Monday, September 17, 2018

Mon, 2018/09/17 - 16:55

520 products from Marklin, Brekina, Busch, Heki, Piko and Preiser were added to our Latest Arrivals page today.

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BRAWA Fall New Items Posted!

Thu, 2018/09/13 - 02:53

Brawa has announced their fall new releases (Brawa News Express 2/2018) with a number of great looking models. The highlight is bound to be the all new V60/362/363 models with Brawa's usual stunning attention to detail.  Brawa asked their customers in Germany for their favorite liveries for this classic diesel switcher and these will be the first releases.  The models are available in DC Basic as well as Digital Extra version for DC and Marklin AC. The Digital Extra Version include digital sound and couplers as well as as a keep-alive capacitor to keep the sound and loco running over dirty track - great for low speed switching!

Also announced is another new HO E44 electric locomotive in the classic blue and creme livery for era IV as well as a host of advertising freight cars in both HO and N scale.  These advertising cars have been one of our best sellers in recent years so please pre-order to ensure you get the ones you want!

Click here for all the BRAWA 2018 Fall New Items

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NEW Exclusive EUROTRAIN Edition - Marklin HO Stake Car with Tank Load

Wed, 2018/09/12 - 05:05

Marklin has announced a new HO model freight car as a special limited edition for the EUROTRAIN and idee+spiel dealer groups. The stake car is loaded with 3 weathered underground tanks in a load frame. The trucks are type Minden-Siegen. The car also has a metal insert for good running characteristics. The stakes can be folded down. The underbody details are specific to this car. The car has many separately applied details. Length over the buffers 22.9 cm / 9".

This model is a one-time series for EUROTRAIN and idee+spiel specialty stores but we were able to secure a limited number for our customers. EUROTRAIN & IDEE SPIEL MODELS always sell out quickly so reserve yours today! Delivery will be in late Fall 2018.

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234 New Product Arrivals for Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Tue, 2018/09/11 - 16:55

234 products from Marklin, LGB and Trix were added to our Latest Arrivals page today.

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358 New Product Arrivals for Friday, September 7, 2018

Fri, 2018/09/07 - 16:55

358 products from Kibri, Vollmer and Viessmann were added to our Latest Arrivals page today.

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370 New Product Arrivals for Saturday, September 1, 2018

Sat, 2018/09/01 - 16:55

370 products from Faller and Pola were added to our Latest Arrivals page today.

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MARKLIN/TRIX/LGB 2018 Fall New Items Announced!

Thu, 2018/08/30 - 02:23

The Marklin group of companies - Marklin, Trix, and LGB - have announced their Fall 2018 New Items programs.  While Fall New Items programs are usually one of the smaller and least interesting of the year, we think this year's program stands out with a few items to take notice of. Pricing for all Fall 2018 New Items will be posted shortly.

For Marklin HO fans, 36433 is a new Ludmilla Class 232 Heavy Diesel locomotive with an all-new WATER-based peizo smoke/exhaust system.  It seems to use a vaporizer similar to 'vape' devices to produce a realistic multi-stage exhaust effect.  This loco is an MHI Exclusive item so will be limited and will likely sell-out fast - order yours now!

Trix has a spectacular looking ERA III Rheingold E10 Loco and Car Set for Minitrix N scale fans.  This set matches the train as it ran in 1962 with a 'temporary' E10 electric locomotive and the beautiful blue/creme paint scheme (both loco and cars are limited MHI Exclusiv program items). The loco is considered temporary as it is a 'regular' E10 which was used while the more distinctive streamlined E10.12 was being built. Also in N scale is a classic V100 in era III livery with full sound and an era III E41 electric locomotive (new tooling!), also with full sound.

Click here for the Marklin 2018 Fall New Items

Click here for the Trix 2018 Fall New Items

Click here for the LGB 2018 Fall New Items

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NEW Marklin HO Exclusive EUROTRAIN Edition T3/BR 89.70-75 Museum Tank Locomotive

Tue, 2018/08/28 - 02:17

This one is a beauty! Marklin has produced a version of their tiny T3 tank locomotive in a stunning grey & black 'photo' livery. We will be getting a very limited number these so act quickly!  Marklin 37146 is a limited edition model produced exclusivly for the EUROTRAIN group of German dealers however we were able to bring in a small number for our customers.  See all details and pre-order yours at the link below!

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New Marklin/Trix HO 'Flying Dutchman' Vectron Locomotive

Tue, 2018/08/28 - 02:08

Marklin and Trix have announced a new HO scale Vectron Electric Locomotive in a livery celebrating European Locomotive Leasing's (ELL) 100th locomotive delivery.  The distinctive ELL markings are seen on loocmotives all over Germany and Europe these days so this one will fit right in on any layout.  The loco features MFX sound and additional lighting functions.  See all the details at the link below. Delivery will be in the 1st quarter of 2019.

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New Marklin CS3 Software Update Available

Fri, 2018/08/17 - 03:03

Marklin has just issued a new software update for the CS3 Digital Central Station.  See below for details and download instructions.


From Marklin:

In the current Märklin magazine we announced our new update for the CS 3 to version 1.3.3. This update is now available. We apologize for the delay in making this update alive.
The following new options are included in this update:
1. Test version for the integration of a smartphone, tablet PC or PC as a second device in the system.
2. Extension of the event environment.
3. Other optimizations.
At this year's Toy Fair in Nuremberg, we had already presented a first demo version of the connection of a smartphone, tablet PC or PC to the CS 3.
For the connection to these devices you need except the CS 3 or CS 3+ only one router and the desired second device. The connection between router and CS 3 runs over a LAN cable. The second device can be connected to the router via either a LAN cable or a Wi-Fi connection. The second device must have a current version of a common browser. This software can then be used to set up the connection to the CS 3 and to generate a user interface of the CS 3 on the second device. All operating areas of the CS 3 are available. However, locomotives cannot be programmed also like turnouts, signals or events cannot be arranged or other programming can be made with the second unit. This work will continue to be carried out only at CS 3 as the Master.
This new software part has been extensively tested by us in the meantime. But since there are many different computer systems on the market and also browsers in different combinations, we could not test all these possible constellations. Therefore, we are currently providing this new area as a trial version. Our customers are welcome to test this option extensively. If there are any bugs or suggestions for improvement, the customer should inform us via email to the service address We will try to take into account as many of these suggestions as possible until the official launch of the software in the fall.
Furthermore, this update contains some new functions in the events and further detail optimizations. More information can be found in the attached update description, which is also available for download on our website.
Download Update Details PDF in ENGLISH

The software update can be downloaded from Marklin HERE

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LIMITED! LGB G Scale Saxon State Railroad Class VI K Steam Locomotive and cars

Fri, 2018/08/17 - 02:55

LGB has announced a series of special models for the 100th anniversary of the Saxon State Railroad Class VI K Steam Locomotive. Of course the centrepiece is an era I model of the Class VI K Locomotive but LGB have also issued two passenger cars in matching livery to go along with this loco.  See the links below for all the details.

These models are limited to 399 pieces worldwide so order yours now!

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NEW Marklin Special Edition Models available

Tue, 2018/08/14 - 04:26

We have been able to secure some limited numbers of two recent Marklin limited editions produced exclusively for the EUROTRAIN group of dealers in Germany.  Marklin 39273 is a Class 218 Diesel Locomotive in the 'Betty Boom' Railsystems private railway livery.  This model is sold out from the factory and we will only be getting a few so order now!

Marklin 47544 is an ON RAIL tank car used on the DB AG system.

See the links below for full details on both these limited models. These models should arrive in our store in lat August/early September.

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7 New Product Arrivals for Saturday, August 4, 2018

Sat, 2018/08/04 - 16:55

7 products from Art Prints were added to our Latest Arrivals page today.

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19 New Product Arrivals for Friday, August 3, 2018

Fri, 2018/08/03 - 16:55

19 products from Art Prints were added to our Latest Arrivals page today.

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